Upper Eastern Route, Highway 118 (Chiang Mai – Doi Saket)

Route 118 from Chiang Mai to Doi Saket and Chiang Rai, before the distance pole,
Km.13, turn left and follow the sign 1.7 km from the highway, it is the field of
Chiang Mai Sky Adventure
The only microlight flying center in the north.

Doi Saket Temple
Doi Saket Temple

Visit Doi Saket Temple to view the magnificent Dhamma Puzzle Murals by famous Lanna artists.

Again on this same route, from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai passes through Doi Saket.
In this district is the Mae Kuang (Guang) Udomthara Dam near Wang Tarn village.
This dam, set amid charming scenery, is a royally-sponsored project that was completed in 1992.
It has a capacity of 263 million cubic meters,
retained behind a wall that is 73 meters high and 610 meters in length.
The water is intended for irrigating the rich farmland of Doi Saket,
Sankampaeng and Lamphun.
To get there, follow the Chiang Rai road for 20 kilometers,
turn left at the prominent sign and follow the side road for 6 kilometers
The dam is open to the public from 08.30-16.30 hours.
Admission is Free!

Nong Bua Phra Jao Luang is a wetland in Cherng Doi subdistrict, Doi Saket District.
Covering almost 20 hectares, this natural reservoir was once famous for the large numbers of wildfowl that could be found there. Sadly, the natural swamp dried up,
but it is now being restored as an artificial reservoir, replanted with 54 lotus varieties,
so that it can become a new tourist attraction.

His Majesty the King founded the Huay Hong Krai Education Development Center in 1982.
Its original purpose was to offer educational courses that were appropriate to the northern river catchment and watershed areas.
The Center also aims to promote forestry and agricultural techniques that will preserve the catchments for posterity, especially in livestock raising, fisheries, con- solidation through planting grasses, and conservation work around Huay Hong Krai.
This is a fine place to both enjoy and study nature.
The center can be found 23 kilometers from Chiang Mai on the Chiang Rai highway. Turn right and continue a further 1 kilometer to reach the development center.