Northeastern Route, Highway 1001 (Chiang Mai – Prao)

Bua Tong Waterfall and its remarkable seven-colored spring is 47 kilometers from Chiang Mai, or the road to Prao. The spring water is rich in calcium carbonate which is deposited on the streambed and flows down the falls in seven distinct pastel colors.

Bua Tong Waterfall
Bua Tong Waterfall

Wat Doi Mae Pang is some 75 kilometers from Chiang Mai or Route 1001 to Prao.
Its greatest claim to fame is that it was the home to Luang Poo Waen Sujinno, a famous and revered monk, from 1962 until his death in 1985. Many of the buildings are of wooden construction, including the Wiharn and a hermit’s cell called Rong Yang Giled or Rong Fai Relics of Luang Poo Waen include his dwelling hut, a picture it the pavilion that shows him meditating, and a square-shaped, spire-roofed museum with his ashes, a beeswax replica of the monk, and his personal effects.

Lower Eastern Route, Highway 1006 (Chiang Mai – Sankhampaeng)

Less than 2 kilometers from the highway intersection, a small road on the right side toward the very old northern temple, only 50 meters from the main road. The interior murals of Wat Buagkrok Luang show the scenes of former Thai Lanna.

Long known as the heart of the handicraft industry is Bo Sang (Sarng) Village where many families produce umbrellas, handmade sa paper products, fine celadons, silkand textiles, woodcarving, and silver ware. It’s a 9 Kilometer drive from the city.

Wat Pa Tung (Teung) is in Orn Tai Subdistrict, District of Sankampaeng. Built on the site of a longdeserted monastery, many valuable objects were discovered during the preparations for constructing the present-day temple. These included ancient artifacts, Buddha images and Sangkhalok pottery. Shards and pieces of pottery have been found in the surrounding hills.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Sankampaeng Cooperative Village collaborated in making improvements to the surroundings of Sankampaeng Hot Spring so that it could become a popular recreation area very near to Chiang Mai city. The spring is 34 kilometers from downtown Chiang Mai by either the old Sankampaeng road or the newer bypass. The older road passes close by Muang On Cave. To get there by “Song Taew” from Sankampaeng town costs about 200 Baht. Near the spring are rest houses, tents, camping grounds and hot spring water tubs for soaking.

Close to Sankampaeng Hot Spring is Rung Arun (Roong Aroon) Resort. It has its own hot spring and geyser in beautifully landscaped surroundings, including trees, flowers and a natural stone garden. There are restaurants, an exercise area,
public and private hot-spring-water baths and jaccuzi.